Hey visitor,

My name is Marko Bajlovic. I began designing and developing stuff on the web about 14 years ago; since that time, I’ve continued to indulge myself in tinkering, learning new things, grokking them, designing, riding the One Wheel, ARPGs (in particular Path of Exile), music discovery, and thinking creatively. Always building and designing, learning and creating; I continually strive to better myself and be a jack of all trades.


I’m a full stack developer originally from the New York & New Jersey area, currently residing in Puerto Rico. Over the years I’ve worked with an abundant amount of agencies, companies, and brands; building their branding, logos, websites, apps, tools, devops, management, and more.

When programming, I try to dabble in a little bit of everything, learn what I can, usually in drips. Typically projects are built with LEMP, MERN, JAM, web3, and Python based stacks.

I’m currently unavailable for freelance work.