A Collection Coming Soon

Each piece is meant to represent a moment in time, describing the emotion of that moment, visually.


Retro Gaming with 351Elec

I recently was introduced to the wonderful world of mobile game emulation and I love it. Come join in on the fun.


Using Yabai

yabai is an awesome tiling, snapping, layout, and controller for your windows on macOS.


Raps. My favorite Hip Hop, Rap, RnB Playlist

A growing playlist of 150+ rap, hip hop, and R&B songs.


Remove All Your Facebook Likes

Wipe your like history clean.


Beats. Lo-Fi, Chill Music Playlist

Chill beats to listen to while doing stuff.


Why Path of Exile is the Best ARPG

Path of Exile is one of the best ARPGs for PC and consoles. This is my fairly in-depth review on what sets it apart from everyone else.


Chugga. Hardcore, Metal, Djent Playlist

A solid, balanced, head banger playlist.


Useful Javascript Snippets & Functions Megalist

A long, curated list of useful javascript functions and snippets I've collected throughout the years.


Handy PHP Snippets & Functions Round 2

Back with another PHP guide with useful snippets and functions you can use in your projects.